How to charge new energy vehicles


How to charge new energy vehicles

Nowadays, new energy vehicles are a green choice for people to travel. Different from ordinary vehicles, new energy vehicles need to be charged, and charging has become a daily need for new energy vehicle owners. So how to charge new energy vehicles?ev charger station 2

Charging methods for new energy vehicles include slow charging, fast charging, battery swapping, wireless charging, and mobile charging. However, the vast majority of electric vehicles on the market only support slow and fast charging, and are equipped with slow and fast charging interfaces. Other charging methods are not yet widely used.

Slow charging (conventional charging, car charging) is suitable for car chargers and wall-mounted charging piles at home. Its current and power are relatively small, and charging time generally takes 6-8 hours.

Fast charging (ground charging, emergency charging) includes charging stations and mobile charging cars. It mainly uses high current to charge the battery directly through an off-board charger, so that the battery can be charged to about 80% in a short time. It can usually be fully charged in one hour. .

Battery replacement, the car battery is charged by replacing the power battery. When the power battery is exhausted, the low-power battery pack is replaced with a fully charged battery, and the replaced battery is sent to the battery swap station for slow charging.

Wireless charging is a wireless charging power strip embedded in roads and parking spaces that automatically connects to the power grid for charging and discharging without using wires and cables. This charging method is convenient and safe to use, but it has not yet been mass-produced.

Mobile charging (MAC) is an extension of wireless charging. Car owners don’t need to find a charging station and spend time charging, so they can charge while cruising on the road. The mobile charging system will be buried under a section of the road, marking the charging section without requiring additional space.

Regarding new energy vehicles, what everyone is most concerned about is the power and battery life. From my personal perspective, let me talk about my experience.

1. Public charging piles. Nowadays,

Public charging piles are not difficult to find in big cities or developed counties. For example, in my hometown of Cixi, the tram is almost out of range, so I drive to a public charging pile (fast charging) parking spot in a shopping mall and park for an hour, and then I can just stroll around in the mall for an hour to relax. Relax, the phone APP will automatically remind you when the battery is fully charged, just get in the car and go home.

Some people may find it troublesome to always have to go to the mall to charge, but I think it’s okay. I only charge it three or four times a month, so I don’t find it troublesome. Instead, I find a reason to go out and relax.

2. Home wall-mounted charging piles or upright charging piles.

Nowadays, if you have a small yard or live in a villa, you can also install a home charging pile. Of course, many new residential parking spaces will already have a wall-mounted charging pile installed. And now many car companies are also giving away piles when buying a car.

Putting a wall-mounted charging pile at home does not take up space and is beautiful. Even if you buy another one now, it is very convenient to install.

3. The portable charging gun that comes with the car is equivalent to the charging cable for mobile phones.

I think it will be a standard part that every car will be equipped with in the future. It can be used with a household socket, which is very convenient.

If you really can’t find a place to charge while traveling, you can also use it for emergencies, so you won’t have to guard the car and not be able to run away. However, there are many miscellaneous products on the portable charging gun market now, so it is best to understand them before buying.

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