How much do you know about new energy vehicle charging stations?


New energy vehicle charging stations

Rows of charging piles wearing various colored vests stand in an orderly manner, and a steady stream of electricity is injected into the speeding new energy trams… Now, with the continuous advancement of the dual-carbon strategy, this scene is no longer unfamiliar to us. , charging piles have gradually become an indispensable charging tool for tram owners, but some people still know little about them.

Charging piles, as the name suggests, are devices used to charge vehicles.

In recent years, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has promoted the gradual maturity of charging technology. Today’s charging piles can be installed in major public places, residential communities and charging stations according to different needs. People can use a specific charging card or scan code to select the corresponding charging time and charging method on the human-computer interaction interface according to different car models. The charging pile display screen can display the charging amount, cost, charging time and other data at a glance.

1. Can the air conditioner be turned on while charging?

Answer: Yes. Some vehicles need to shut down the system before charging, and then restart it after charging. Newer vehicles do not need to turn off the system and can be used all the time.

2. Will turning on the air conditioner while charging have any impact on the battery?

Answer: It has no effect on the battery, but it affects the charging speed. When charging, the air conditioner and the battery are connected in parallel. A small part of the power is used by the air conditioner and most of the power is used for charging the battery.

Comparing the power distribution data in the above figure, it can be seen that the charging speed of turning on the air conditioner has a small impact during fast charging and a large impact during slow charging.

3. Can it be charged in rain, snow or thunder?

Answer: Yes. As long as the front port of the gun is free of water or foreign matter, the rear port is waterproof, so charging in rain or snow is no problem. Charging stations, charging piles, lines, cars, etc. all have lightning protection designs, making charging safe during thunderstorms. To be on the safe side, relevant personnel should still stay indoors and wait.

4. How much power is left to charge?

Answer: It is best to keep the car battery between 20% and 80%. You should charge it when the battery level is lower than 20%. If you have a home charger, you can charge it at any time. Slow charging will have no impact on the battery.

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