What is a photovoltaic energy storage power station?


What is a photovoltaic energy storage power station?


Compared with ordinary photovoltaic power stations, perhaps everyone does not know much about energy storage. So today we will talk about what an energy storage photovoltaic power station is.

There are three main components of an energy storage photovoltaic power station: 1. Photovoltaic panels; 2. Batteries; 3. Inverter (most energy storage inverters have conversion functions).

1. Photovoltaic panels

They are still photovoltaic panels in photovoltaic power stations, but you don’t need so many. Choose the number of photovoltaic panels according to your electricity consumption.

2. Battery

Mainly lead-acid batteries.
Batteries are currently a big bottleneck restricting the development of energy storage power stations. High cost and short life. Replacement costs are also high. Converted into electricity costs, it may be lower than the return rate of investing in photovoltaic power stations.

3. Inverter

There are no special requirements in this regard.
But it should be noted that grid-connected and energy storage inverters are different.

There are roughly three types of inverters:
1. Grid-connected inverter;
2. Energy storage inverter;
3. Grid-connected energy storage inverter.

Among them, the grid-connected type is cheaper, while the third type is the most expensive.

If you need energy storage + grid connection, then the inverter must be selected from a manufacturer with a grid connection license, otherwise the power supply company will not agree to your grid connection because it involves islanding protection and other functions.

If it is an intranet, you can purchase your favorite brands. The inverter mainly charges the battery with DC power from the photovoltaic panel, and then converts the DC power from the battery into AC power for your use.

A reasonably designed inverter can convert photovoltaic current into alternating current for use in real time during the day, reducing battery charge and discharge.

It will only be of great promotion value if the battery technology of energy storage power stations undergoes major reforms in the future.

The energy density and cycle times of batteries have been substantially improved, and the cost has also been reduced. Otherwise, energy storage power stations cannot be popularized in household environments.

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