Application of flame-retardant PC in new energy vehicle charging guns


New energy vehicle charging guns

The development of new energy technology vehicles is China’s strategy to change from an automobile power to a major automobile country. It is particularly important to ensure the safety of battery charging of new energy technology vehicles.

The charging gun not only connects the electric vehicle and the charging pile, but also binds the user’s safety during charging. Let’s take a look at the advantages of flame-retardant PC among modified plastics in new energy vehicle charging guns!

As an indispensable part of excellent polymer materials, modified engineering plastic materials have been widely used in various fields such as household appliances, automobiles, and electronic appliances.

Regarding the field of charging pile construction, some leading companies in the modified plastics industry have already conducted sufficient research on the application of polymer materials in charging piles, and are capable of providing comprehensive polymer material solutions for charging piles.

As a radio frequency connector for electric vehicle battery charging, the charging gun is a “bridge” connecting charging piles and other charging piles to electric vehicles. The quality of the charging gun directly affects the battery charging performance and safety.

The material requirements for charging guns are relatively high. Common materials include: PBT GF, PA GF, weather-resistant PC, etc.

The charging gun and connection system mainly include the charging gun shell and the three-way connector.

In addition to required flame retardant properties, insulation properties, and weather resistance, the charging gun casing also needs to have good stiffness and ductility to prevent damage caused by falling and vehicle rolling, while also taking into account good appearance.

Compared with basic PC, PC-180S silicon-based PC has more advantages in low temperature resistance, stress cracking and flame retardancy. Its impact loss in a -40°C environment is relatively small, especially with the UV-P formula Improving the service life of the product outside can provide service guarantee for many new energy vehicle owners.

At the material level, the charging gun must not only be safe and moisture-proof but also durable. It must also have excellent insulation, flame retardancy, heat resistance and other properties. Before it can be put into production, it needs to be continuously tested and all properties must be accepted. Then it can be delivered for use!

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